Completed games: January

So far I’m doing pretty decent on wrapping up games I never finished when I first played them for whatever reason. Let’s see if I can finish some of the new starts I’ve got going (as of right now: Nier, Shinobi (PS2), and Doki Doki Majo Shinpan — don’t judge me!).

Finished in January 2011: 9 games

Crush (PSP)
Unique platform puzzle game with absolutely hideous art direction. Mostly makes me just wish Fez would hurry up and come out.

Johnny Platform Saves Christmas (360 Indies)
Solid puzzle platformer just like the first game. Some of the puzzles get downright fiendish near the end.

Misshitsu no Sacrifice (PSP)
Already reviewed this one properly, but suffice to say: I liked it a lot, but can’t recommend it for a variety of reasons.

Pixelkiller (360 Indies)
It’s like Star Guard, only not as good. Didn’t bother collecting all the coins, but cleared all ten stages. Not that the last one really counts for much.

Retro Game Challenge (DS)
A period-accurate throwback, for better and for worse. The games included are just as much fun as real NES games from the ’80s. Unfortunately, they can also be just as frustrating as real NES games from the ’80s.

Sonic Rush (DS)
Never finished this one at release…only had three chaos emeralds and the last three bosses left to do. Thoroughly mediocre. Better than Sonic 4, though.

Stretch Panic (PS2)
Far, far easier than I remembered it being. There’s almost no game here. Takes about 90 minutes from start to finish if you know what you’re supposed to do. I didn’t, and had to play through it twice.

Timesplitters (PS2)
Superceded in every way by the sequels. I really hope that wherever David Doak is now, he can someday make another one. There simply aren’t enough genuinely funny games around today.

Yukkuri no Meikyuu (360 Indies)
Just your average 2ch-meme-based-dungeon-crawling-first-person-puncher. You know, just like all the other ones. Cleared all three difficulty modes…hard is a bitch.

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One Response to Completed games: January

  1. Airyu says:

    Post more! Though I am glad you made this, you ought to keep up with it! It’s almost May!

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