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Completed games: January

So far I’m doing pretty decent on wrapping up games I never finished when I first played them for whatever reason. Let’s see if I can finish some of the new starts I’ve got going (as of right now: Nier, … Continue reading

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The Battle of Donkey Kong

The following is a translated excerpt from the book Sore wa “Pong” kara Hajimatta by Masumi Akagi (Ch. 18, Pg. 305-307). It is from the chapter on the legal issues surrounding Nintendo’s Donkey Kong, which has a more colorful history … Continue reading

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Game Review: Misshitsu no Sacrifice

A young girl named Miki wakes up on the floor of a room. There is debris nearby from some unseen catastrophe, her leg is trapped under a pipe, and water is slowly leaking in from the ceiling. Looking around, there … Continue reading

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