I need to stop buying games.

That’s it, I officially own too many video games. That picture to the left…that’s not my collection, that’s my backlog. And it isn’t even my entire backlog, it’s just the stuff for those platforms that I bought intending to play then never finished (or in most cases, started). There are plenty of others for other platforms, and games I bought simply to have but don’t plan to ever play — perhaps I’ll sell some of those off before long.

I went out today to use a gift card I got for Christmas — thanks mom! — and when I got back, realized I could have been just as productive using that hour to play something from this stack, and saved myself some cash to boot. I could have used that time writing a review, or working on my resume, or sending out job applications, but I didn’t. I need to wean myself off that consumerist “buy new stuff” warm fuzzy feeling. It will be the death of me.

So I’ve decided that from here out, I will not buy a single new game until I clear at least five out from this stack. Five finished, one new, then no more until five more finished. No “I’ll just buy a points card to support that indie game” excuses. No “there’s a B2G1 sale at Gamestop” excuses. No “I’ve been waiting for that to drop in price” excuses. Indie games have a long tail, there will always be another sale, and if I wait longer it’ll drop even more. The games will still be there when I decide to buy them.

In fact, I think I’ll make a second requirement: No new games until I can find work. That should be a good motivator to finally get on that.

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3 Responses to I need to stop buying games.

  1. Dilly Bikearoni says:

    I share similar problems man. Sometimes I feel like I get a bigger joy from -buying- new games than I do actually playing them. That’s something my wallet doesn’t really agree with me on. I may have to steal some of your ideas in order to stop myself.

    As a potential help to you, how about another requirement for buying new games: You have to write X number of reviews about those games you’ve beaten before you can buy new ones. X is of course any number you feel comfortable with. You’d be killing two birds with one stone this way. First you beat already owned games before you get new ones and you also get to help fill this blog of yours up.

    Good luck to both of us in our endeavors to not spend our cash on what essentially becomes fancy looking boxes. (Also good luck with 50 cent)

  2. Airyu says:

    Michelle and I laugh at your backlog. <333 I didn't even know you had a blog!!! :3

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