Different Approaches to Media Translation

So, over the last few weeks I’ve been playing through Namco-Bandai’s Tales of Vesperia with a friend. We haven’t gotten particularly far yet, but the game is quite pretty and very amusing so far. I’m not here to write a review, though — not right now, anyway — and there’s been one thing about this game that’s been bothering me since we started playing it: the translation. Continue reading

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Forsooth, ’tis a blog.


My name is Joseph Rard. I love video games, manga, and music of nearly all sorts. Basically, on this blog, I plan to talk about all these things. The primary purpose of doing so is to build a body of work, practice my writing to hone my technique, promote particular creative works I’m interested in, and possibly even get my name out. Assuming I don’t procrastinate and actually post more than three things here, that is. Continue reading

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